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Inspiration is in people you love.

Inspiration doesn’t always show up in an ocean view, a coffee shop epiphany or a beautiful sunset. As breathtaking as those sunsets are here in the Southwest, I find some of the best inspo shows up unexpectedly. In my opinion, that is the best kind.

Take my sister-in-law for example, she is the best kind of person. She is kind, thoughtful, a hard worker, totally humble and ….inspirational. She is constantly working to be the next best version of herself. She looks for every opportunity to grow and learn. During the last few months, she shared with me some of what inspires her personally and some of her goals and ideas for living her best life. Her willingness to share and to include me in her desire to grow has been life changing. She helped me to manifest my own personal energy to grow and helped me to see that my dreams are within reach. In her, I found an unconditional support and a kindred soul that no matter what, I know will listen to what my heart is saying and what I need to hear. She offers support to the people around her and an unwavering commitment to her own goals that inspires me everyday. I am excited to be part of her tribe and hope I can give as much back to her as she gives to me! xxoo


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