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I have been thinking about print making in my own studio since I left college. I absolutely LOVE it. I like to say that pulling prints is like opening gifts on Christmas morning! I love all sorts of print making but, my favorite is etching and intaglio. I have always had a fairly modest studio space so, fitting in a printing press has not been an option. I also don't want to have tubs of acid sitting in my studio. Having young kids and all, it just didn't seem like a great idea.

I have tried a few different methods of print making in my studio. I enjoy them all; gel mono prints, carved rubber block prints, lino-cuts and even "etching" into foam pieces to pull prints from them. While they are all fun and result in really cool stuff I cannot get the types of images I really want to make.

One day I saw a die-cutting machine on a website and the machine reminded me of a printing press. It got me excited. I just knew I could find a way to use it to make the prints I love making. I decided to give it a shot. I finally gathered the tools I needed and gave it a whirl. The results were wonderful!! I am so excited that I am now able to make the kind of art I am extra passionate about and that I get to share it with you! Here's a short video of me pulling a sample print. Let me know what you think.

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