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Time away from home.

I spent the past week on the opposite side of the US this past week! I will tell you right now, I am a west coast girl through and through. In my life time, I've been to Florida more times than I can count. Now I am not saying I don't enjoy it there, I am just saying that I like the arid desert I usually live in. And if I am hitting up the ocean I like to hear it crashing on the beach. Wait I don't want anyone to thing that I am complaining!! No, I am not at all. It was a good experience and I am a 100% believer in experiencing things out of the ordinary. I think that a little bit of absence does make the heart grow fonder. I also think having time totally alone is necessary sometimes in order to reset, rejuvenate and really relax. Those are not easy things for this go, go, go woman to do but, I did it. And I have to admit it was nice.

I did work a lot but I also shut my brain off for a while. It's amazing that with a bit stillness comes clarity and focus. I know, I know like meditation, but that's really hard. I am just not quite there yet. That time I had to myself in the hotel after work

afforded me time to read and take notes and to begin work on an important project of mine. I found time to dive into a book that is helping me work on this project. I will share more details soon! It's something I am super excited about and have been thinking about for a long time. It is exciting to be moving forward and taking steps to make this one particular dream of mine come true.

When opportunities arise to do something out of the ordinary or to focus some time on yourself, I truly hope you accept those opportunities. Do it, even if it is just for an hour.

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