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Managing all the crazy!

Holy Duck-butter! April is getting away from me so quickly! I am one busy momma, with kids, helping with their school work, supporting them in sports, doing after-school activities, my own social engagements, family time, date nights, 9-5 work, then my passion, my art and extra mojo I am trying to get out there. I always joke and say that I wish I didn't have to sleep BUT since I haven't figured out how to do that yet, I had to find a way to keep track of it all. What I do is try to stay super organized. I am a total list maker and love journals. I always have a journal or notebook that I keep my lists in. I keep it nearby I can quickly see what I need to get done, make a note about something I heard in a podcast, track my habits, doodle, or sketch out my next brilliant idea.

This picture is an example of how I go about laying out my week. I make notes about all the things that I need to keep track of.and what is important to me.

For example if I don't plan out dinners, the evening becomes hectic or we end up eating out or unhealthy. I also know I want to work out, find a few minutes to read and make sure I am drinking enough water everyday - I set those things up in a habit tracker grid. Those become mini goals for each day. Like I said I am a list maker and LOVE checking off those boxes. Next I truly believe in living a grateful life so I always include a section for gratitude that I jot things down in throughout the week. The rest is regular agenda stuff. The hustle and bustle of life can get overwhelming so it really helps to take 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the week to lay down a plan then 5 - 10 quiet minutes at the beginning of each day to review your week and set your intentions for the day. This method had helped me get focused on my goals and aided in how I need to show up consistently in order to reach my goals.

I think most people can benefit from a daily journal practice that's why I created something I can share with everyone. That's right, I am sharing it with you. You can download it for free!!! Click here and start checking things off that list.

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